WCS Nicaragua

Pearl Cays Wildlife Refuge

The Pearl Cays Wildlife Refuge (PCWR) was established in 2010, with the help of WCS. It encompasses an area of approximately 700km². The marine ecosystem within the PCWR is comprised of coral reefs, seagrasses, mangroves, sandy and rocky shores, islands, rivers, and creeks that provide habitat for critically endangered sea turtles, manatees and many other marine and terrestrial species. The upland watershed is inhabited by indigenous coastal communities who depend upon the ecosystem services generated by these habitats (e.g., fish, tourism, coastal storm protection). The PCWR has within it the Pearl Cays, a group of small islands located 3 to 22km east of the mainland. 

Key Staff

Rodolfo Chang Bennett
Project Coordinator
Pamela Fletcher
Coordinator, Nicaragua Marine Program


WCS Nicaragua Marine Program
Al frente del Restaurante "Sweet Pearly" Laguna de Perlas, Región Autonoma de la Costa Caribe Sur (RACCS), Nicaragua