WCS Nicaragua

Hawksbill Conservation

This project was established by WCS in 2000, after preliminary surveys in 1999 showed that almost 100% of hawksbill nests were poached. The project monitors all nesting activity, nest condition and nest success on 12 of the islands in the Pearl Cays Wildlife Refuge using local staff. WCS also runs a tag and release program, with almost 3000 turtles in our database. Each tagged turtle is measured and assessed to track their growth and condition over time. WCS also leads an incentives program for local fishers to donate captured turtles to be tagged and released, and offers WCS t-shirts and life jackets for their cooperation. Finally, WCS works in communities to raise awareness and educate people about the importance of hawksbill sea turtle protection, as well as conservation of their habitat and the ecosystem.

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Key Staff

Laura Irvine
Coordinator, Hawksbill Conservation Project
William A McCoy
Field Supervisor, Hawksbill Conservation Project
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