WCS Nicaragua

Alternative Livelihoods

In an effort to reduce pressure on sea turtles and other marine biodiversity, WCS, the Conservation Enterprise Development Program (CEDP), and other partners are collaborating with turtle fisherman from the community of Kahkabila to develop ecotourism in the Pearl Cays Wildlife Refuge. Through Kabu Tours (KT), a start-up, community-based ecotourism operator, turtle fishermen are attempting to transition from turtle fishing into sustainable tourism. This is a model for transitioning from different types of resource extraction to sustainable tourism. The WCS Nicaragua Marine Program and CDEP assisted Kabu Tours to improve their ecotourism services and conservation objectives.

Key Staff

Rodolfo Chang Bennett
Project Coordinator


WCS Nicaragua Marine Program
Al frente del Restaurante "Sweet Pearly" Laguna de Perlas, Región Autonoma de la Costa Caribe Sur (RACCS), Nicaragua