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Rodolfo Chang Bennett
Project Coordinator
Rodolfo Chang Bennett completed a dual master's in Marine Biology and Policy at the University of Maine in 2010. He now works for the Wildlife Conservation Society in Nicaragua as Project Coordinator, with emphasis on facilitating livelihoods projects in the Pearl Lagoon basin. Chang’s areas of interest are (1) the understanding of local socio-ecological systems, and (2) building and implementing strategies that seek to address challenges limiting sustainability of such systems.
Laura Irvine
Coordinator, Hawksbill Conservation Project
Laura is a marine scientist originally from Canada. She previously coordinated another research project for nesting hawksbill, green and leatherback turtles in Tortugero, Costa Rica, and has field experience with terrestrial, freshwater and marine species in Belize, Canada, Costa Rica, Egypt, Nicaragua and the UK. She also has four years of project management experience for a European Commission funded project on the integrated impacts of natural disasters, as well as undertaking different management and research contracts for a list of conservation NGOs. She has an MSc in Marine Environmental Management from the University of York (UK), an MA in International Relations from the University of Kent at Brussels (Belgium) and a BA Honours in International Development Studies from Dalhousie University (Canada).
Pamela Fletcher
Coordinator, Nicaragua Marine Program
Pamela Fletcher has worked in the marine science field for 20 years before beginning her work as the Nicaragua Marine Program Coordinator at WCS. For the past 8 years she has focused on synthesizing science for use in management and has contributed to integrated ecosystem assessment that incorporates socio-ecological components of marine and coastal systems. Her graduate work focused on participatory decision support for managing coral reefs in southeast Florida. In Caribbean Nicaragua, she will focus on expanding the protected species project into a seascape program.
William A McCoy
Field Supervisor, Hawksbill Conservation Project
Bill is a former turtle fisherman from Pearl Lagoon. He first started noticing harmful impacts of fisheries and poaching in the late 1990s, and became more concerned about the long-term protection of local resources. He was approached by WCS and became a founding staff member of the Hawksbill Conservation Project in 2000. He plays an important role in communicating with local community groups, fishermen, and governments about conservation objectives for hawksbills and other species/habitats. He supervises and leads data collection efforts during the hawksbill nesting season each year, as well as contributing to the ongoing turtle donation, and tag and release programs at WCS.

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