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Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) tiene más de 20 años trabajando en Honduras y Nicaragua, desarrollando acciones desde el programa regional de WCS Mesoamérica y El Caribe. En 2018 se establece como programa binacional de trabajo específico para estos países y se consolida como WCS Honduras-Nicaragua. Desde entonces, se desarrollan actividades permanentes en pro de la conservación del paisaje natural de La Moskitia, incrementando las acciones en coordinación con las autoridades nacionales y comunitarias.


February 5, 2016

Record-breaking hawksbill nesting season in 2015!

As of January 2016, all of the nests from the 2015 season have hatched out and been excavated. We are happy to have completed another record-breaking season with 546 nests and an estimated 51,735 hatchings gone to sea.
October 8, 2015

Record Breaking Turtles!

We are happy to report that our hawksbill turtles broke the record for the most nests laid in a single season in the last 16 years of the project! The previous record from 2014 of 475 nests was topped on September 24th, and as of October 6th we already have 506 nests! This is a significant increase since the first year of the project in 2000 where we recorded 154 nests.
August 20, 2015

Hatchlings, hatchlings, hatchlings!

We have recently seen the start of the 2015 hawksbill hatchout season in the Pearl Cays! That means hundreds of little hatchlings have been working hard to climb out of their nests and start their long journey to the great big sea! We have so far excavated over 20 nests, with nest success rates between 46-93%.
August 19, 2015

WCS in the classroom leading sea turtle conservation education

WCS has been active in the classroom! The Hawksbill Project Coordinator Laura Irvine and Hawksbill Project Field Supervisor William McCoy, in cooperation with Geri Mezzoni and Ryan Mintz from Peace Corps Nicaragua, visited classrooms of grades 3-9 at Bula Lightburn School Primary School (Pearl Lagoon), Pearl Lagoon Academy of Excellence, and Andreas Carlos Primary School (Haulover), in order to talk to children about the importance of sea turtle conservation.


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